In recent times, progress has been made to detect & respond to outbreaks around the world. The next step is to predict outbreaks & develop better tools for prevention.

The opportunity offered by new technologies

  • Using the latest advances in data science, we can improve our understanding of the complex factors that drive outbreaks in order to predict and forecast epidemic events
  • Increasing number of data sources are available in health care and other areas; from public and private sectors; that can be used to provide insights towards outbreak preparedness and response
  • Data science approaches include artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms becoming available to work with big data to increase knowledge on the dynamics of epidemics.

Our Vision

EPI-BRAIN is a global data ecosystem that supports data science innovation for outbreak preparedness and response.

Our Objectives

  • To bring together relevant data from many different sources
  • To facilitate insights from data for stakeholders
  • To apply innovative analytics for forecasting, simulation, scenario planning, and other tasks that provide evidence and information that aid decision-making