EPI-BRAIN Workshop at Intelligent Health AI

On Wednesday 11th September, the EPI-BRAIN team travelled to Basel, Switzerland to host a workshop at Intelligent Health AI 2019  – an event seeking to bring together the global AI and health community in Switzerland to advance discussions on how emerging technology can be used to prevent and solve some of the world’s greatest health and healthcare problems.

The goal of the EPI-BRAIN workshop was to engage participants; seek feedback on some core elements of EPI-BRAIN; and raise the profile of the initiative.

During World Café style discussions we learned from participants:

  • how different industries such as academia, pharmaceutical and healthcare, can contribute to EPI-BRAIN;
  • ideas around the design of the EPI-BRAIN data architecture;
  • and insights into available tools and applications that could be promoted on the EPI-BRAIN platform.

The discussions were lively and positive with lots of valuable feedback from participants.